As a product manager, I have my share of people telling me to cut down on the user journey. While it's true we need to shorten the user journey whenever possible, but a good user experience is not measured by the number of screens or taps it needed to complete a task. If it were that simple, we can put everything on one screen and everyone would stop complaining.

A man thinking and confused
A man thinking and confused
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According to research, human attention span right now has reduced significantly to only 8 seconds (thanks to Vine and Tiktok). The number of apps and contents on the internet is increasing…

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to transform the way they operate to adopt digitalization. Restaurants and coffee shops need to rethink how to sell foods without people coming to their shops. Most restaurants quickly onboard to online platforms to retain their sales, while some get creative and sells frozen version of their most popular menus — even Starbucks is selling one-liter bottle iced coffee. Point is, they need to quickly adapt to the situation.

There is no playbook on how to respond to the pandemic. Meaning that how businesses react is up to the leaders and to the culture…

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My madness descent into coffee started around seven years back when I purchased the original Aeropress. I usually do french press at home, but its just too much effort for me to clean. So, nothing wrong with giving the infamous Aeropress a try — its relatively cheap, the review says it makes good coffee, and most importantly easy to clean. The day it arrived at my house, I don’t really bother that much because I don’t want to learn a new way of making coffee. A couple of weeks past and I decided to try Aeropress over the weekend.


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Product managers can come from a lot of backgrounds, and most of them will bring a different set of valuable skills to the table. Regardless of the skills that we have, the hardest thing for me is to be neutral.

What does it mean to be neutral and why is it so damn hard?

We need to always go forward in the product iteration and evolve. Our mind is constantly on the hunt for that next killer feature. …

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A product is not a good product until it can deliver an experience.

What do you remember about the product that you like? It probably will not be the specs. Not the 8GB of RAM or the 3.9GHz processor or the 696cc L-twin engine. But it’s the experience that we remember. How it makes us feel. How it behaves as expected. How it can deliver something that cannot be measured.

Ask any Android user what’s the RAM on their phone, and most probably they know. Ask any iPhone user the same question, they probably don’t know and probably won’t care. Why? …

Sebastian Yaphy

Financial services product manager // Simplifying complicated stuffs

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